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2004-03-14*10:02 p.m.
i cant live without you! my nokia 8310

sigh i feel insecure without my hp.. it got confiscated my yogee so dont call me or sms me ppl

blame it on my stupidity. i was too stupid to run to the toilet to use it and i used it on stage right in front of 3 teachers so yogee took it

lucky most of the ppl left when she scolded me cos i broke down and cried after that. so embarrassing ppl might have thought i was crying over a phone.

but i finally let out my stress i feel like so refreshed.

went to charissa's church outing today at sentosa haha ran around the whole island i lost alot of calories =D but i wasnt feeling good today i was stoning throughout the whole thing. i think the ppl think that im very dao...

and something's wrong with my comp i cant see the jay chou on my template =(

OH YES. we got 3rd for the talentime and peng yi rocks. 4sy! wo hui yong yuan zhi chi ni!!