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2004-05-30*11:25 p.m.
joey mcintyre rocks.

shiqi couldnt come and study today.. =( haha next time then..

Good luck to everyone taking the chinese O's tomorrow! =D dont panic!

and im officially head over heels over HARRY POTTER.

Daniel Radcliff!!! ahhh.. and Emma Watson has become awfully pretty. heh. i must practice my use of limited vocab.

i feel immensely stupid cos im going into the harry potter website.. which has practically nothing on it. gah. BUT i can stare at harry potter's face.. and rupert grint looks like a hippie -peace-

i wanna watch harry potter on thurs! i cant stand it im feeling super anxious for it to be released.. but i cant find anyone to watch it with. -_-

and my lucky sister is going to london next week hehehe which means im gonna be home alone. >=) yay.